Sitemap - 2023 - I Saw The Light Ministries Newsletters

2025-2028 Calendars Available Now

Wave Sheaf Revelation: 2 Ascensions of Christ

This Gospel of The Kingdom

New Article: Heavenly Signs of 2024 Pointing To March 14, 2025 and the Manifestation of The Antichrist?

The Antichrist Makes A Major Public Statement

Work Vs. Entitlement

Update: Lunar Eclipse on Purim 2025 in Jerusalem

Significant Signs in Spring 2024

How To Bless Your Enemies

CCCCC: Chanukah: Celebrating the Conception of Christ and the Church

Current Court Trial of Life

New Jerusalem Will Be A Mountain, Not A Cube or Pyramid

Hanukkah For The True Christians

Second Commandment and Clothing

Speaking in Tongues Required?

Poll: Have You Ever Faked Speaking in Tongues?

What Happens To Babies When They Die?

Several Important Statements

Lying/Deceiving is Not Always Sin: Biblical Examples

Our Jealous God

Newsletter October 25 2023

Walk in The Spirit of God

Short Samples From Recent Sermons

The Land of Israel Belongs Only To The Jews and the English

Both The Wicked and the Saints Will Be in The Blue Lake of Fire

Red Alert: War in The Middle East

We Must Shine Brightly

Last Great Day 2023: Paradise

King David in The Millennium

Temporary Tabernacles

Day of Atonement 2023

Fasting, Why We Fast

The Trumpets Wake Up Call

Fiesta of Trumpets 2023: Holy Branding Vs Evil Branding

Schizophrenia is Not Always Demons

Situations When God’s Name Doesn’t Work

Your Local Sheriff Could Possibly Protect You From Unconstitutional Government Powers

Stressful Religion?

Review of 7th Month Holy Days

News Headlines for August 16, 2023

New Article: Abraham Lincoln, The American Civil War, Slavery and The Confederate States

Instant Vs Progressive Salvation

Arrested for The Gospel

News Headlines

Spiritual Warfare & When It's Only Fear Or Just Life

News Headlines July 19, 2023

Holy Scripture Vs. Popular Mentality

Groups Currently on Parrhesia

Toughen Up Buttercup

News Headlines

New Social Media Network Released

Paranoia, Enemies of Self

Parrhesia, Freedom to Speak The Truth

Not My Will Lord, But Thy Will

Emergency correction to Herbs newsletter

Herbs That Produce Miracles

Under The Shelter Of The Almighty

No Shadow of God

Called To Serve

New Miracles Added To The List

Charisma Empowerment From The Holy Ghost

Power to Remit or Retain Forgiveness of Sins

Prophetic Review: Violence To Increase

No 3rd Jewish Temple To Be Built

Typo correction sermon notes Law of God voided?

Is God’s Law Void?

News Digest April 23-26, 2023

Apostles and Prophets in Modern Times

Countdown To The Real Jesus Revolution

Easter Versus Passover

News & Edifications Digest April 7

Detoxification of Spirit and Flesh

Test Ourselves To See If We Are Truly Saved

Raising Children to Become Mature Adults, Not Forever Babies

News Headlines & Social Media Posts March 15-22, 2023

Mental Health, The Importance for a Christian

Sermon Notes: Why Forsake People That You Love?

The Foundational Sabbath Commandment

Sermon Notes: Purim 2023

Sermon Notes: Falling Away, Purim Foreshadowings 2023

News headlines from February 14-21, 2023

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